Di un futuro emozionante.

Ho fondato l’azienda con la visione di creare un ambiente nel quale i clienti ricevano i servizi di qualità che meritano, e un luogo dove i membri del nostro team possano sentirsi costantemente liberi di crescere e migliorare.

In Cardell, la logistica collega non solo le persone ma anche il mondo intero, di cui vogliamo far parte. Non ci stanchiamo – Abbiamo l’esperienza, il know-how e una rete di contatti grazie ai quali semplificheremo il commercio internazionale per voi.

Patrik Bosák
Fondatore & CEO


Dietro le quinte dell'azienda.

Trust. Tolerance. Communication. Professionalism. This are cornerstones of our team.

When I got the chance to work in Cardell 3 years ago, I did not realize what an important step it will be. Every idea or suggestion is taken to account, from start I had a possibility to take part in deciding of company’s direction and what is most important I grow everyday with Cardell. I consider added value in my colleagues, which are my friends as well.

HR Business Partner

It will be 2 years since I first opened Cardell doors, and I have to admit that this is best experience I ever had, not only thanks to time flexibility but because best compensation plan in the region.

I enjoy cooperation with people around me which is underlined with ideal workplace.

Transport Specialist

I’ve been working in Cardell for half a year after I returned from abroad. During relatively short stay I have acquired new skills and got the opportunity for personal growth. Environment-wise it was one of the best teams I have worked with. Even though I have found myself in another field now, I have to admit that this experience played an important role in my professional life.

Former Colleague

In Slovakia there are only few employers like Cardell. They care about your opinion and new ideas or innovations are warmly accepted. Cardell keeps an eye on your work-life balance and has motivating employee benefits.

Former Colleague

Very professional team. Always ready to help. It was great experience mainly because of amount of personal growth I achieved there. Despite the fact that  I had to come back to Italy, I would love to be back again.

Former Colleague



Accompagnare i nostri clienti nel loro lavoro quotidiano con l’eccellenza è il nostro obiettivo principale.

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